Tree Climbing

Climb trees in Tuscany with Rockonda: an exciting way to enjoy nature, in total safety.

Tree climbing as a sport uses harnesses and supports to aid your climb, without harming the tree. The activity takes place in the forest close to our activity centre on the Lima river, with the help of an instructor who will show you how to reach the top!

Tree climbing is a great experience, bringing you closer to the natural world. It’s a perfect sport mixing fun, excitement and exercise!


Safety is our priority. Every detail of your adventure is covered to make sure that you only need to think about one thing: having fun!

Before each climb we carry out a briefing to explain the climbing techniques.

Our staff will guide you through the activity in complete safety. All our guides are appropriately certified.


Climb trees all the way to the top
  • Difficulty: EASY
  • Trip duration: Around 45 MINS
  • No. of participants: MIN 2 MAX 8

Tree climbing as a sport uses specific climbing techniques and equipment to reach the very top of the trees.

The difficulty (and height) of the climb can be matched to the ability of the participants, and is suitable for all ages.


Discover the Lima river from above

This activity, organised by Rockonda, lets you climb high into the trees of the forest close to our activity centre. Our guides will help you to climb up, abseil down, or move around the treetops.

This activity originated from tree surgery (pruning tall trees with harnesses and equipment), and has become an exciting sport in its own right, prompting childhood memories of climbing trees in the garden or the woods.







Rockonda provides all the necessary equipment free of charge: your helmet and harness.

You just need to bring a pair of trainers.

Our new centre also has convenient changing rooms and toilets, so you can get changed before or after the activity.


Duration: Around 45 minutes
No. of participants: min 2, max 8
Available: from March to October
Minimum age: 5 years

*Activity suitable for everyone

Price per adult: 18€
Price per child: (5-12 years) 15€

To take part in this activity you must be a member of the Fi.Raft/Rockonda association. We can provide you with membership (and your membership card) on site. The price of the membership includes insurance and the cost of the card.

Tree Climbing FAQ

What is Tree Climbing?

Also known as ‘Tarzaning’, tree climbing involves climbing to the top of trees moving from one branch to another, with the support of a harness attached to the tree. This type of climbing uses ropes and holds to assist your climb and ensure your safety.

Does tree climbing damage the tree?

As children, climbing trees was all about getting as high up as possible! Today, climbing trees for sport, we respect the living world and work in harmony with the trees. We use ropes and holds which are tied to the tree in a way that does not damage the branches or the bark.

What do I need to bring for tree climbing?

It’s simple – you just need comfortable clothes and trainers/trekking shoes. We’ll provide the rest. Oh yes – don’t forget to bring your sense of adventure!

What do I need to wear for tree climbing?

You should wear comfortable clothing that does not restrict your movement, and trainers (or better still, trekking shoes). Rockonda will provide everything else you need.

Who can go tree climbing?

This activity is suitable for everyone. The system of ropes and harnesses on the trees are adjustable to make the activity suitable for everyone – of all ages, levels of fitness and enthusiasm for heights!

Where is the tree climbing activity in Tuscany?

‘Tarzaning’ takes place in trees and the sport needs to be safe for both the people and the trees. Rockonda offers tree climbing in the Lima Valley, a few minutes away from Abetone.

Can beginners try tree climbing?

Of course! Using this technique, the activity is accessible to less experienced climbers thanks to equipment which can be calibrated to suit every level.

Have fun in the trees with Rockonda

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