Immerse yourself in this wild and pristine location in Tuscany

Canyoning involves descending into narrow canyons with streams running down them.

This activity takes place on foot in a group accompanied by a guide.

The Lima Valley and Garfagnana are home to some stunning and pristine spots of natural beauty, with Canyons suitable for jumping, diving and abseiling.

Canyoning activities offer a chance to discover the pristine beauty of wild and hidden areas.

Safety first

Safety is our priority. Every detail is covered to make sure that you only need to think about one thing: having fun!

Before every descent we carry out a briefing to explain the relevant techniques.

Our staff will guide you through the canyon in safety.
All Rockonda guides are certified.


Explore wild and pristine canyons!
    • Difficulty: EASY
    • Duration: 2 HOURS
    • N. of participants: FROM 2 TO 15

There’s no better way to experience nature. Rockonda Canyoning takes you to the wild and unspoilt heart of Tuscany, in the Lima Valley, for an unforgettable adventure including jumping, diving and abseiling.


An adventure for real explorers!
  • Difficulty: MEDIUM
  • Duration:  3 HOURS
  • N. of participants: FROM 5 TO 15

A fun-filled and breath-taking adventure with natural waterslides and spots for jumping into crystal clear pools. Explore the unspoilt natural beauty of Garfagnana with this unique and exciting experience.

Canyoning Q&A

What is Canyoning?

Canyoning is a water sport (in mountainous areas) and consists of navigating descents on foot down rocky torrents (without a canoe, kayak or inflatable raft). It includes abseiling down vertical sections of the canyon.

What do I need to bring?

You just need a pair of trekking shoes (or anti-slip trainers that will get wet), swimming costume, towel/bathrobe and a cord for your glasses. We’ll provide the rest!

What do I need to wear?

Getting ready is easy – you just need a pair of trekking shoes (or anti-slip trainers that will get wet), swimming costume, towel and a cord for your glasses. Rockonda will provide all the necessary kit and equipment free, including: helmet, harness, neoprene wetsuit, life jacket (upon request), karabiners and safety ropes.

Who can go canyoning?

Canyoning is suitable for everyone and doesn’t require any specific physical preparation or training. The full day canyoning is longer and slightly more challenging, for which you need to know how to swim and to be reasonably fit.

Where is the Canyoning activity?

Canyoning is a water sport which takes place along rivers, across gulleys. Rockonda will bring you to explore the Lima torrent and its unspoilt natural beauty. There are two options – a canyon near Bagni di Lucca and a canyon in Garfagnana, which we’ll choose based on the level of difficulty you’d like to tackle.

Is canyoning suitable for beginners?

Classic canyoning is a perfect introductory activity. It’s suitable for all levels and this activity follows the most fun route through the canyon. Both beginners and Canyoners with more experience can enjoy it.

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