Cost for Association Membership

Activities are exclusively available to members of the Fi.Raft/RockOnda Association. Membership cards can be issued at the centre.

The cost of membership INCLUDES liability and accident insurance and the Membership Card.


Adults: €40.00
Children: (8-15 years): €35.00

Soft Rafting:

Adults: €35.00
Children (6-15 years): €30.00


Adults: prices from €55.00
Children (10-15 years): prices from €50.00


Individual lessons for adults: €35.00
Weekend courses: €180.00


Equipment and wetsuits provided by RockOnda ASD.

The Centre is officially recognised as a Rafting organisation by the Italian Federation of Rafting, and only employs professional staff with relevant qualifications.

Excursions are open to all, including those who’ve never done it and would like to try!


For information and/or booking, please go to our CONTACT page.